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Kimmie Jean Boutique Floral Installation

It is always so special to add flowers, texture, and art design to a shop not just for an event but every day. We soo loved being able to have a helping hand in Kimmie Jean Boutique a cute little boutique located 45 miles south of Austin. The shop had bare cinderblock gray walls and they needed something fun and beautiful to soften the atmosphere and add charm. We used our rental disco balls for the large grapevine doorway entrance that curved across the top down to the floor and combined with her logo on their shoe wall to give it a more feminine feel. We did white flowers and pampas that faded to light pink and got darker at the bottom and had fun disco ball accents through both floral shop installations. The grapevine was designed to be seasonal so after the shop opening, we will be creating a show stopping white wintery Christmas shop charm at the end of the fall season. Every great shop needs a great work of art or something to captivate the attention of whomever walks by, this was our and we were so happy to be able to bring Kimmie Jean's dream shop flower installation to life!

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