Making Happiness Bloom

Meet Jordan

Jordan was born and raised in the beautiful Texas Hill Country Area, where she and her family spent most days farming and gardening. In 2005, she got her first job at the local flower shop. It was love at first smell. Her passion and love of the industry continued throughout high school and college. Jordan continued working in floral design and special events jobs after moving to Austin and worked under one of the top flower shops in the nation. After a few years in the industry, she realized that most flower shops have two things in common: lack of floral knowledge and a lack of customer care. Jordan’s goal is to help clients produce gorgeous events at a reasonable rate with the freshest flowers and top designs… All with the best customer service!

In 2012, Jordan hung out the shingle for Jordan Flowers & Events and set up shop. Jordan lives in the Pf-abulous town of Pflugerville with her charming husband, handsome son, and yappy fur baby. If Jordan isn’t planning an event or project, she is running/peddling around town with her son or volunteering with Meals on Wheels. She is a proud member of the Texas Floral Association and a contriburing writer for Texas in Bloom Magazine.

Meet Madison

What can we say about our Madison, other than that everyone needs one? Madison has it all! An eye for detail, design, creativity, calligraphy and oh yeah, did we mention she is the proud owner of Maeflower Designs? She is an Aggie, but we don’t hold that against her. We know she will never “lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” Madison graduated from Texas A&M University in 2016 with a major in Tourism Management with a focus on event planning. From the floral and decor to the calligraphy design, Madison does it all with a positive attitude and smile.


After all of the planning, designing, and payments it is so sad that most of the flowers and arrangements used get thrown away. It is the ugly truth of events. At Jordan Flowers & Events, we believe that as a society we need to join together to reuse, and recycle. However, our #1 goal is to make happiness bloom. So, what better way than to pair the two?

We are partnering with Senior Access to deliver event arrangements to local Austin seniors and sprinkle a little happiness for others. When you buy an arrangement/centerpiece for your special day you are buying an arrangement that will not be used once and thrown out. It will be picked up after your event and delivered the following business day without any additional charge to Senior Access Clients to continue to enjoy for days to come.

Why should you join the movement?

Flowers make people happy. Like, really, scientifically proven happiness. Dr. Loretta Breuning from California State University said that when a person receives flowers, it stimulates their brain into producing the happy chemicals; dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. There is an overwhelming feeling of happiness when you do something nice for someone else. Doing for others with a happy heart and not expecting anything back in return. That is what #makinghappinessbloom is all about.

We are asking that our future clients and fellow florists join together to begin #makinghappinessbloom .

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