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Wedding Feature

Your engaged! Now what? Floral & Decor Planning

Jordan Flowers
September 1, 2022

It’s that moment you have been dreaming of your entire life; you're engaged and can’t wait to start on your wedding day details! All of your time planning, dreaming, and pinning can finally be put to use. But where do you begin? Pinterest had so many options before, but you don’t want your wedding to look basic like everyone else’s. You definitely don’t want the once “dream bouquet” you originally saved after seeing all of your options . Then there are costs. You don’t know how to price, budget, or where to begin. These feelings of post engagement can be overwhelming and leave you feeling a  bit anxious about your dream day. 

 Let’s take a step back and reflect on you and your fiance. What brought you both together? What are you both passionate about? What is your style? What have you definitely liked at other events? Then we can start from there and what you both want/envision for your special day. 

If you do not have a coordinator, get one that is a MONTH OF (at least) coordinator. If you are a very type A planner and can do it on your own, I highly recommend collecting pictures and examples that you see that you definitely like and go from there. This helps us see what you like and start designing a floral and decor board specifically for you based on your wedding date, style, venue, colors, and budget. 

How do you plan your flower budget accordingly? It depends on you and your style. If you are an all around flower lover and want lots of flowers for your wedding from the ceremony to the reception, a budget of around $5,500 is a good starting point. If you prefer a more minimal look and like simple greenery and flower accents, you are looking at a floral budget starting around $2,500. The only price changes in the year that a consumer can count on are on flower holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. If you are planning on getting married on these dates, just know you will have to pay extra due to holiday demands. 

 All weddings and couples are unique, so we do not have a “set floral package”. Every event design we create has different floral customizations to that couple’s personality, theme, and style. The flowers and decor should be the same to show off the individuality of our clients and we design a floral and decor vision board to bring this vision to life on paper so you know what you are receiving, what we can create, and all of your options. We believe that transparency is key and helps act as a guide by providing this. Our client’s can see a price breakdown of event details as well as know the options. If your dream is a bit out of your budget, we will make sure to come up with alternative cost effective solutions to bring your dream to life, and be similar but different. 

My best tip for brides and grooms is to not overthink your wedding day! This causes so much stress and confusion to my clients and to us. It often leads to changing everything back to the original plans at the last minute. When you start to plan for an event for too long, you start to second guess what you originally selected for your wedding 2 years ago and Pinterest doesn’t help matters.The best thing to do to prevent this is by meeting with your florist/designer at the max a year out with your date, style, venue, and colors selected and design a custom board based on your dream. If you and your designer see eye to eye, there is no stopping that dream wedding team! For this and more wedding flower tips and advice go to @jordanflowersevent on Instagram.

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