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What You Need to Know about the Post-COVID Wedding Boom

Janelle Sosa
September 1, 2022

Vaccination rates are increasing, COVID-related illnesses are decreasing, and your wedding date is inching closer and closer. Times of celebration are back in abundance, but what does this mean for securing the vendors of your dreams? We’re here to breakdown all the details of the post-COVID wedding boom and tell you exactly what your ideal booking timeline should look like. 

It is no surprise that weddings and special events are increasing at an outrageous rate. With vaccinations becoming widely available and many states loosening restrictions on large gatherings, couples are racing to the altar. What is a Wedding Boom you ask? says, “After a year of postponed and downsized weddings, the wedding industry is seeing a surge of couples looking to plan 2021, 2022, and 2023 weddings. As a result, experts say the demand for venues, vendors, and goods such as flowers and attire has never been higher.” At Jordan Flowers and Events, we’re not immune to the boom. We have seen a 550% increase in special events inquiries across the board. 

Anna Price Olson, associate editorial director for Brides magazine, has noticed that many vendors in the wedding industry are having to adapt to keep up with the demand. “The cost of goods is increasing. There are only so many linens, only so many rentals and only so many flowers that were planted this past season.” The flower shortage is something that has personally affected us. As much as we would like to provide the exact flowers you are hoping for, it’s important to consider what flowers are in season and readily available for the date of your wedding. For example, asking for smilax in the middle of June might be a bit of a stretch for your florist. Instead of asking for specific product, come with an idea of what colors and tones you are wanting to see in your arrangements and be open to substitutions. We still want you to have the flowers you envisioned and will work through obstacles to achieve this,  but just keep these factors in mind. Our goal will be to make everything as similar as possible with these subtle substitutions. 

So when exactly should you begin booking your vendors? With the rate that 2022 weddings are filling up at, we recommend booking as early as a year in advance. Prior to COVID, we would’ve suggested booking six months in advance but this is no longer the case. The first thing you need to do is set your date. Weekends in 2022 are going FAST! We currently only have weekdays available in 2021. Once you have your wedding date, commit to it. This helps both you and your vendors establish a timeline. Jove Meyer, founder of Jove Meyer Events in Brooklyn, New York notes that couples should be open to alternative dates. “If couples are set on peak wedding days, like Saturday, in peak wedding season, which is June through September, and in a peak year—i.e. 2021—they will find limited vendor availability,” he says. “If couples can be flexible and host their wedding on a Thursday in the off-season they will find many more vendors who are available and excited to work with them!”

We cannot be more excited or grateful for the return of live events. Making happiness bloom is what we’re all about! Hopefully we have eased your stress, and you’re ready to nail down your vendors for your 2022 special event. As long as you remember our tips and advice, things should be a breeze. And of course, if you’re in need of a luxury floral designer, we are open to inquiries! You can contact us here. Happy wedding planning, flower friends! 

Photography by TwoFish Weddings


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