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Overcoming the Roadblocks of 2020

September 1, 2022

Spring is usually one of the busiest and most stable seasons for florists in the event industry. This season brings proms, graduations, graduation parties, and of course spring weddings. But 2020 had different spring plans in mind. According to Dhanusha Sivajee, Chief Marketing Officer at The Knot Worldwide, over 95% of couples are rescheduling their wedding for later on this year or even later on next year. Our industry was met with cancellation after cancellation. With most offices moving to work from home, we didn’t even have corporate events to sustain us. As we would later learn, cancellations wouldn’t be our only roadblock. 

This year decided to throw another problem our way that we weren’t anticipating... natural disasters. Our in-season florals are regularly sourced from local farms in Florida and California. As of November 18th, over 9,279 fires have burned over 4 million acres of land in California. 2020 has been declared the largest wildfire season ever recorded in California's modern history. Many growers had their entire year’s crops completely destroyed. In search for stability, some have even made the switch to growing marijuana. On the opposite coast, there have been 30 named tropical storms, 13 of which are hurricanes, this season alone. The damage Florida and California have sustained makes it harder for us to guarantee the availability of certain flowers and colors. Fall themed florals have become especially rare.

When sourcing flowers that are out of season, we have them imported from Holland or South America. Well with the airline industry taking a giant hit from April-August, these flights from international farms to local florists became less and less frequent. In addition, these delivery planes were downgraded from refrigerated cargo holds used specially for delicate items to standard cargo storage used for anything and everything. This led to issues with both pricing and quality. We saw a 250% price increase on imported flowers this season. Often, these flowers would arrive damaged with petals already falling off rendering them completely unusable. 

This post is in no way meant to scare or instill worries about the arrangements you have in mind for your big day. We simply want to be transparent with our clients. Jordan Flowers & Events is still going strong, and we have even adapted how we do business. In November, our founder and lead designer, Jordan Flowers, launched Forever Flowers, a luxury silk floral rental business, as an alternative to fresh flowers. These flowers will never wilt and are available to rent from the comfort of your home. They are ready to purchase or you can build a custom arrangement to fit your wedding’s needs. If you don’t have an upcoming event, there are still ways you can help our industry bounce back. Keep supporting your local florist, like and share our social media posts, and mention us to a friend who’s celebrating. 

While the times may be unprecedented, we want to do everything we can to give you the event you have always dreamed of. Feel free to contact us with any questions or DM us on Instagram.

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