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Austin, Texas

Table Matters

Jordan Flowers
December 21, 2022

You have booked your venue, then your caterer, now you are on to the tables and displays. The centerpieces tell about your event and what you want your guests to take home. While non verbal centerpieces tell about your party; the color, scheme, style, and add extra thoughtfulness to your display. Every item on your event or party should look thoughtful and be in balance with your table display (meaning they need to all match). I personally always love a display unique to the event that tells a little bit about the company, business, guest of honor, or couple. Here is what you need to know before visiting your Austin Fresh flower company; table sizes, table quantity, style, color, budget. 

The most common rectangle tables at venus are 6 ft and or 180” round  tables. These are the very easy collapsable tables you see more often. They accommodate 6-8 guests and do not require very large centerpieces as to leave space for the guests' food. Rectangle 6 feet tables are not very wide so it’s best to use; greenery, candles, bud vases or compact arrangements. You want a centerpiece that is  not in the way of the stage or guests directly across the table so they have to bob their head all evening. Round tables are the same; candles to set the warm romantic ambiance and a nice all around arrangement that is no larger than 12” in height and 10-12” diameter at its widest and higher or lower than the centerpiece starts to get in the way of your table dining ware and guests peripheral so it becomes annoying. Harvest tables  are the 2nd most common dining tables. The wooden handmade harvest tables can accommodate 8-10 guests comfortably and are wider so guests have a lot more room for food and flowers. For a harvest table I always recommend urn asymmetrical arrangements or floral centerpieces that have greenery flowing out and down the sides of tables to have connecting greenery. Throw in some live candles and tea lights and you have the picture perfect dining table set up. For daytime events I recommend heavier flowers and less candles as it is light outside. 

Your event style is the next on the flower to do list. Is your event formal or casual? Do you want candles to create a romantic space with dark moody tones or do you want light flowers that are simple but delicate down your table and or at the center of your table? If you do not know the tone you would like to set or don’t have a preference I would 100% recommend making it flow with your venue style and colors and/or season.  Enhancing the venue features only makes your event more lovely and beautiful. If it is a classic venue, have classic flowers. If your venue is modern eclectic, have simple eclectic unique modern centerpieces and bud vases. 

Traditionally the event matches the invitations. So if you have a cursive and bold print invites a guest would assume it is a more formal event. If there are certain colors and flowers or greenery on your invitation one would assume those are the wedding or event flowers and colors that would be used at your event and or wedding. Knowing how many tables you have and your budget are key when making the final decision and my job as your event florist is to make sure I am able to come up with similar flower and or rental decor options in style, color, tone, but mostly in budget. I know that my happiest customers come in budget and with an event that matches them and their personality. Assume there will be 7-8 guests per table and divide that number by your guest count. This number is your table count. Let your florist know how many tables you will be having along with your budget. One of our designers will be able to recommend rentals and or flower centerpieces to make sure every table has something lovely in the middle. Candles are normally more cost effective so if we are over budget I recommend alternating centerpieces with rentals and flowers to bring the budget down by using our rentals along with fresh flowers. 

Our favorite flowers are those that are in season as they are always the most elegant, sweet, and perfect. Importing out of season flowers takes a toll on your budget and jeopardizes your product quality. Same for the weather. Fun Fact; flowers are living plants so when you have dirty containers or they are exposed to weather over 90 degrees fahrenheit they are a ticking time bomb. Make sure if you are hosting an event in Texas that you have indoor weather plans for your ceremony and/or event from June-September. These are THE HOTTEST months and it is brutal on every vendor/guest, but mostly your fresh live flowers. Even candles can begin to melt being set on a warm Texas day. Yes, we have learned the hard way that even rental wax candles can begin to melt when they are outside (sun or shade).Same with flowers, they will wilt in less than 3 hours. 

Planning your event can be stressful but it does not have to be if you have an expert to guide you along the way. Your fresh flower and rental decor journey begins once you know your; tables sizes, table count, style, colors, and budget. Our job is to bring your event dreams to life as well as showing you all of your in season, in style, and in budget options. We help from the beginning planning and design to your event day set up and/or breakdown to execute your event dreams perfectly. Our extra eye for details and flower knowledge is what we provide. With our flower team at your event we make sure every table is accounted for and covered down to the welcome sign and clean up. 

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