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Meet Jordan Flowers, Female Business Owner & Designer

March 17, 2024

Meet Jordan Flowers, President of Jordan Flowers & Events

Did you know that Jordan Flowers & Events is a woman owned business here in Austin, Texas? In honor of Women’s History Month we put our fearless leader, Jordan Flowers, in the hot seat and asked her about the history of JF&E (and some other fun questions). 

Everyone, meet Jordan Flowers! Owner and lead designer at Jordan Flowers & Events LLC. With the birth given name of Jordan Flowers she likes to boast that she did not choose the flower life, rather the flower life chose her.

How did you get started? 

I got my first job in high school working at Angleton Flower Shop until I graduated. The experience and fun I had there paved the way for what was to come! I loved everything about the flower shop; The customers, designing, cleaning, delivering, but my favorite was helping assist the owner Brad at weddings and events and anything related! 

Through college I worked at one of the nation’s top florists, Freytag’s who specializes in high capacity flower retail and deliveries where I learned to be as quick as possible and produce the most arrangements in the least amount of time. After college I started doing flowers for friends getting married/family members and anyone who could give me work and the experience. I started out of my garage working small events and eventually grew out once we started to book more than 3 in one day. I have an amazing diverse strong team who continues to grow organically over time with us and our productions. 12 years later I am so grateful to have an amazing creative flower studio North Austin Pflugerville that produces events and gives 1000%. From corporate events with 1000 guests to weddings with only 200 we love every live event that involves flowers, silks, friendly rental and decor options. 

What is important for you in building a team? 

Diversity, positivity, and inclusion. When I began doing flowers out of my home in 2012 I never imagined it would grow into what it has become today. It was all small steps to create the team we have today. It started with hiring my babysitter to lend a hand. Then Kayla, Kristy, Tori, it was as if the pieces to a puzzle just fell together to create this beautiful masterpiece that we have here today and are able to create together throughout the year. Through our hard work, positive attitudes, different backgrounds, and supportive teams we like to unite and create the most fun creative workspace to thrive in when we go to work. In fact, Our entire team is here because they love the work and want a creative outlet and thrive creating together in a positive workspace. Most of our team has other jobs outside of JF&E and continue to show up because they genuinely love to produce flowers and make happiness bloom one event at a time.

I believe in life you have to make your own happiness. Fill your hands with work and your heart with love, and if you can find others who share this same positive energy you must keep them in your life. My team is always there for me and each other. 

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love being able to be given the opportunity to create something personally that I love with care  to bring feelings of love or happiness. That is such a rewarding experience, to be associated with. I genuinely feel that I make happiness bloom by what I do and create. 

Another part of my job I love is how rewarding it is. There are not a lot of jobs where you can see your hard work immediately. It’s cool to strive to be the best and get the best results at setups and beyond. I personally strive to be the best florist I can be and to set myself apart from others through our Forever Flowers silk line, rental decor, Flower Bars, and amazing content such as our Flowers & Events magazine that I created for my clients and non clients free of charge. 

My flower business is my life. I wake up so excited to go to the job that I love/created and am able to work with the most talented teammates in one of the most incredible cities (Austin) with the most incredible events, with the most talented event vendor teams. Without our amazing flourishing flower team we could not be the amazing flower team we are today. We love what we do and I know our love for creating a dream and turning it into reality is what true happiness is. Our goal is to make happiness bloom . We do this through our amazing flowers, designs, service, and skills.

What do you do in your “spare time”?

If I am not at the studio or an event, you can find me with my favorite guys (Eddie & Edison) biking, making charcuterie trays (and eating it with Eddie😂), enjoying tea/ mocktail, playing golf at Balcones Country Club and playing with our fur babies. 

If I really have time to kill you'll find me at Austin Executive airport in a Cessna, planning an event/get together with family/friends, or with the family at Big Bend or Galveston (our homes away from home) . 

Last question, What is your favorite flower?

This is a hard one! My favorite flower is the tulip. It continues to grow when cut, it always moves to the sun, and comes in thousands of varieties, colors and looks. 

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