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Austin, Texas

Make Happiness Bloom This Valentine's Day

Jordan Flowers
January 19, 2023

Valentine’s day is a day that is either really loved or really hated by many. For some it is a day to remember that they are lonely, and for others it is a day to overwhelm their lover with gifts of affection. However, while it may be a day based upon “love” I think it is most considered a day to show the people who mean a lot to you that they are appreciated and thought of. It’s the middle ground of the two. When we are always in the day to day office or the home setting it is easy to get caught up in work and the less social aspect of being in a work community or team. Being connected to your team/family/relationship (all similar) means that, while you can get work done, you can also take the time to say, I thought of you today and you are appreciated. A great way to do this is with flowers. There is no greater feeling than giving the gift of flowers; for the person giving them and for the person receiving them.

Flowers are genuinely one of the few things in life that genuinely scientifically give the feelings of love and happiness. It is in our genes and has been for millions of years since our neanderthal/homosapien ancestors were living in their caves. The fragrance of flowers affects our brains. Phenylethylamine is a chemical in roses that produces their fragrance and smell. This chemical has amino acids that slows the breakdown of beta endorphins; beta endorphins are hormones responsible for making us feel euphoric and in love. Historically, flowers triggered dopamine for our hunter-gatherer ancestors due to the idea that winter was near to end and spring was around the corner. Serotonin creates feelings of wellbeing and happiness as well. With all of these scientific reasons combined and partnered they create the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. 

This Valentine’s Day give your friends, lovers, parents, co-workers, office, children, and grandparents the gift of flowers with our most popular Flower Pop Up Bar. We created a flower pop up bar to be able to have the full on flower shop gift experience on the go wherever your office or venue is to create the ultimate European flower market for you. Our team will arrive to drop off the rentals, and begin setting up their wrap table and the flower bar stocked with flowers in your choice. Then, the guests are able to pick and choose which flowers they would like to have wrapped and taken home or given to someone special to continue to make happiness bloom.

 While some businesses give the gift of chocolates and sweets, it is really important to keep in mind the sugar and carbs that these are made of. There are many with diet restrictions or food allergies that prevent your guests from being able to indulge or partake.  At our flower pop up bar your employees can get loaded up on as many flowers as they like with no feelings of guilt, remorse, or exclusion. Instead you walk away with all of the feelings of love and happiness. 

Flower shops are hard to come by these days, so don’t go out of your way or have employees take time out of their day to pick up a bouquet. Instead, have the flower shop come to them. Everyone and anyone who walks in your office and or shop or restaurant will be filled with so many happy feelings when they smell and see the sight of our cute flower shop pop up bar. The best gift a person can give is an amazing gift experience. While gifts come and go, the memories associated with an experience last a lifetime and are unforgettable. 


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