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Austin, Texas


Jordan Flowers
October 13, 2022

The Holiday season is finally upon us and all of these events we have been planning are leaving us in a holidazzzzzzeee! What’s this year’s holiday craze leaving us in a daze about?? Glitter, shine, and everything fine! Yes! We are so in love with all of these fun disco ball adorned parties. Austin party animals have included them into not only ceiling installations, but baby grand pianos overflowing with all-white orchids down to the ground and flowing around. Oh yeah, did we already mention live events being up by 300% since last year? (link to past blog) 

Live event season is in full swing with all of the wintery Christmas traditions and charms the Austin Hill Country provides to make it the best place for companies and couples to host THE BEST Holiday parties, seasonal festivals, corporate galas, company dinners, rehearsals, get-togethers, and pageants. You need to act now though to be ready to go with Austin’s best event florist. Our best advice to our readers and potential clients is to remain holly and jolly this year; make sure to plan ahead! If you have not contacted an event professional by now, I recommend contacting several right now to see their availability and begin comparing event weekday/weekend pricing minimums due to the high demand.  

Since the pandemic, event demand has skyrocketed to an all time high making florists oh so happy, but ever so busy. As your top Austin florists, we like to provide our clients with the best  service to ensure their happiness. By doing this we create a floral vision board that brings their event to life in presentation form to make sure our client knows exactly what they are getting at their event. We show our clients their flower options and colors and pair our rentals to match their style to create their dream event ambiance and setting. To make sure our client knows exactly what they are getting and have a better idea of their floral, we have a flower ingredient breakdown. The flower ingredients that are on the board must be ordered no later than 30 days before the event to guarantee their arrival. Once they arrive, we process every bundle of flowers immediately and they begin rehydrating from their journey to be there for your event! 

It is the most stress-free event process from set up to breakdown for our clients. Our florist team delivers, sets up, styles, sweeps through to make sure every detail is covered and no foliage or debris is left anywhere, then comes back at breakdown (depending on your event) to pick up our rentals and clean up flowers. We do it all and you do not have to worry about your floral and decor for your event! 

If you do not know what you want, contacting an event designer is a great way to begin so that your order will be custom to you and not something that you have found online and not as original. This is where we step in to help! Tell us your event colors, style or theme, guest count, and table sizes/quantities and we will help with the rest! Another holiday gift that I HIGHLY recommend as a gift that keeps giving happiness is our flower bar. It is such a wonderful little extra kind touch to your wedding or event guests for them have a unique ‘Thank You’ at the end of the night. Thank you gifts do not have to be koozies or bottle openers. Make them unique and special!

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