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Austin, Texas

Flowers Going Live

June 14, 2023

 Flowers Going Live

Flowers can play a significant role in events, adding beauty, symbolism, ambiance, and so much more, to any occasion. Because of this, we believe that they are the perfect plus one to bring to your own live events! No matter the situation, flowers should always RSVP and our Austin area flower team are the best florists to make this happen! 

Installations of flowers, centerpieces, stage floral and our flower bar are visually captivating and can instantly transform a space into a vibrant and inviting environment. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or any other celebration, carefully selected floral arrangements can elevate the overall aesthetics, creating a memorable and visually pleasing atmosphere. Whether there are bouquets in the hands of your guest, from our very own flower bar, or centerpieces on each table, flowers can captivate an entire room. Top Austin florists for top Austin events.

Flowers hold symbolic meanings that can be incorporated into event design to convey specific messages or emotions. For example, roses symbolize love and passion, while lilies represent purity and beauty. By choosing flowers that align with the event's theme or purpose, you can enhance the symbolism and create a deeper connection with attendees. Comparing the flowers to certain people or objects can also be a creative use of figurative language in any of the speeches given later on in the event. ;) 

Setting the Mood is very important for any amazing event and Flowers have the power to evoke emotions and set the desired mood for an event. Bright and vibrant blooms can create an energetic and festive atmosphere, while soft pastels or white flowers can impart a sense of elegance and tranquility. The fragrance of certain flowers can also contribute to the sensory experience, enhancing the overall ambiance and leaving a lasting impression. This is exactly why you should “Wake up and smell the roses,” and incorporate these lasting emotions into your next gathering. 

Flowers provide an opportunity for event hosts to showcase their personal style and express their unique vision. By selecting specific flowers, colors, and arrangements, you can infuse the event with your own personality and create a distinctive experience that reflects your taste and preferences. From a luxurious maximalist, to a modern minimalist, we can create floral designs catered exactly to your liking! We offer rentals for our clients to make sure the event are sustainable, eco friendly, and create more custom options to have an elegant floral event. 

Photo-Worthy Backdrops are a great opportunity for your guest to do something to remember you even by. A photo op, if you will. Stunning floral displays can serve as beautiful backdrops for event photography, enhancing the visual appeal of captured moments. Photographs with vibrant flower arrangements can become cherished mementos, encapsulating the atmosphere and joy of the occasion. Even if our flowers don’t last a lifetime, the photos will. Our rental hedgewall backdrops are the perfect branding opportunity for companies and weddings for guests to picture of themselves in front and hopeful instagrammable moments. Social media creates such a great platform for your guests to brand share and advertise your event. We are even able to provide signage from our preferred signage company if you would like to have an easy going stress free event where our team of exports arrive and do it all. You do not have to lift a finger. 

Bridging Themes and Décor with  Flowers can help tie together different elements of an event's theme or décor. By coordinating the colors and floral choices with other design elements like linens, centerpieces, or lighting, you can create a cohesive and harmonious visual experience for attendees. When they walk into the venue space it is important to give your guest something to “awe” at! Our flower bar, or guest table centerpieces can add wow factors that intrigue all of their senses and check off items on your event to do list. Centerpieces, bar decor, floral and or greenery growing up the; walls, ceiling, stage, and or creating something magical like a tree inside, backdrop, or hanging ceiling installation, our team can do it all from the set up to the breakdown! 

To express appreciation to your event attendee, employees, and/ guests; Flowers are often used as gifts or tokens of appreciation during events. They can be presented to guests, speakers, or honorees as a gesture of gratitude and recognition. The act of giving flowers adds a personal touch and conveys a sense of thoughtfulness and care. We are huge believers in “A flower a day keeps the worries away.” This is one of the reasons why we have expanded our services to include many different options for floral bar carts that can be brought to an event and tended to by our very own team. We will help each guest create a beautiful, unique bouquet (or even flower crown), and attend to them with a smile on our face! It is truly the gift that keeps giving. 

We are the best event florists in Austin with over 15 years experience; rentals, decor, top fresh flower designs and LUX client pampering we help set your event a part from others to make sure your day is unique and will always be remembered. Flowers and decor are an essential element in event planning and design. They bring beauty, symbolism, and mood-enhancing qualities that contribute to the overall success and memorable experience of any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or social event, the presence of flowers adds a touch of magic and creates a lasting impact on attendees. 


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