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Austin, Texas

Flower Class Fun!

November 19, 2023

Blooms & Buddys: Monthly Floral Design Classes Tailored for Every Season and Personality!

Guess what, party people? Drumroll, please... You asked, we heard, and we're delivering! After years of relentless requests (seriously, it's like you read our minds), we're thrilled to announce the launch of our monthly floral design classes. Yes, you heard it right – once a month, we're turning our floral haven into a DIY paradise for all you budding creative souls.

January begins the first month of our in house monthly classes. January is National Tea month and to celebrate we will be offering herbal flower tea along with learning how to arrange flowers in a tea cup or pot. Bring your tea pot or cup to fill with flower or tea. If you do not have one we have you covered. We have your flowers tea cups saucers, aprons, tools, flowers, and materials. We will have little snacks and drinks to offer our guest in addition. However, feel free to BYOB and or drink and food preference.

Whether you're a party planner extraordinaire, a hopeless romantic looking for the perfect date night, the bachelorette party, girls, night out, friends time, or even a corporate team looking for a new team building exercise looking to spice up team-building exercises – we've got a floral class tailored just for you and your event dreams.

Let's talk logistics, shall we? Our team can accommodate groups up to 15 and will have drinks. We have a class app and photo booth add options as well. Each class design time is approximately 1 hour with about 20 minutes to gather supplies/materials, and instruction; it is best to allow about an hour and a half to two hours when attending a class or hosting a design party.   We want your experience to be as vibrant as our fresh, or silk, arrangements. 

Now, picture this: a cozy atmosphere, buckets of beautiful blooms, and an expert floral maestro guiding you through the magical world of petals and stems. We truly have one of the best florists in Austin guiding you through all her tips and tricks. Our classes are not just about making pretty bouquets (though that's a big part of it), but about unleashing your inner florist. We provide all of your tools and materials, you just need to arrive and be prepared to have fun designing all while learning something new. 

Each session is a cool hour and a half of floral fabulosity. From the basics of arranging to advanced tricks of the trade, we've got it all covered. Anything from bouquets to centerpieces, fresh to silk flowers, and colors all across the rainbow! It's like a crash course in flower power – minus the exams and stress. Who knew learning could be this much fun? We will offer monthly themed classes and 

Oh, and did we mention the themes? We're rolling out classes for every season and personality under the sun. Whether you're a spring enthusiast or a winter wonder, there's a class that speaks your language. And if you're wondering if we've got a class for the quirky, the classic, or the downright avant-garde – the answer is an enthusiastic yes! Flowers are what you make of them, so let's get to work! We can customize each flower order for each class. 

These classes aren't just about mastering the art of floral design; they're about creating memories. For any crowd, on any occasion. Corporate to the wedding party! So, round up your crew, mark your calendars, and get ready to bloom like never before. Drop us an email, and let's chat about the floral dreams you want to turn into reality. Trust us; these classes are about to make your events legendary – one petal at a time.

Floral design, good company, and a touch of DIY magic – let the floral fiesta begin!


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