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Austin, Texas

Floral Fun on The Weekday!

Addison Reed
September 25, 2022

It's festival season y'all!! Live events, the cutest outfits, parties and FLOWERS await you and we are here to be your fun festival florists! When it comes to “awe” factors and guest’s experience, nothing compares to flowers. Their natural beauty brings life, nature, colors, textures, and familiar favorite fragrances to places and spaces that are bare and without. Event flowers are nothing like the average flower delivery arrangement you think of when you think of a flower delivery. Our team comes prepared, with ladders, tool belts, and gear ready to get to do some major flower work and set ups. Our team will not only set up your dream but return to clean it up and breakdown. 

Not only is Jordan Flowers and Events an amazing option for your dream wedding flowers, but we also are an option for any corporate event as well. From an office party or speaking panel, to a brand festival of your own design, we have the freshest silk and fresh floral for you. Our upscale unique rental options provide our clients with a stress free 1 stop shop.Our floral and rentals are the perfect eco friendly cost effective option to make sure all details are thought of and covered with details. 

Bud vases are a cute clean versatile addition that can be placed almost anywhere around the room. They are great for cocktail tables, side tables, bars, and family style dining services as they are not in the way. They are also versatile meaning they can go on any table any size, and the more of them the merrier. Table arrangements and centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes depending on your table size. From round traditional designs to asymmetrical natural arrangement flower centerpieces are a great addition to round tables for plated dinners or buffets. As far as installations, they are our JAM. Your dreams will become reality with our special touch. Just tell us what you are thinking and we will let our team get to work. Installations are completely customizable in every way and are a great photo opportunity for your guest to experience and become immersed in to remember forever! 

Fun On The Weekends festival was our most recent fun event that we wanted to highlight in this month’s blog as it is such a fun example of dreams brought to life. The hot pink and disco vibes are to die for! We had multiple floral installations when you walk in, at the bar, in their photobooth flower wall backdrop for the entrance with our rental disco balls, plenty of floral photo spaces/ backdrops, table arrangements, and bud vases and it turned out amazing! 

Flowers deserve to be everywhere! For your next festival,  live event, or party add Jordan Flowers and Events to your vendor list and let us bring your flower dreams to life to continue to make happiness bloom!

Written by Addison Reed


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