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Austin, Texas

A Day at Mattie's - TopoChats Episode 1

Janelle Sosa
September 1, 2022

Are you planning an event post COVID? Then, you are in luck! We’re so happy to introduce our new video series: #TopoChats. We’ll be sitting down with different Austin professionals in the event industry to bring you tips, tricks, and advice that you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your next big celebration. We also want to use this​ series as a chance to shine light on our local Austin events/hospitality community. Our #TopoChat videos aim to support local vendors and small businesses who are passionate, knowledgeable, and provide THE BEST customer care and services.

For today’s interview, we sat down to talk all things venue and catering with Alana, the Venue and Events Manager at Mattie’s. Mattie’s is a farmhouse style restaurant and event space located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. They have been in business since 1948 and have hosted lavish parties for people from all walks of life, including Governors, visiting ambassadors, and celebrities. Being at Mattie’s truly lets you get the best of both worlds: the lush fields and greenery let you get away from the Austin city bustle, without even leaving downtown. Out on the patio, it feels like you’re sitting on your own back porch, enjoying the beautiful pasture. You might even bump into a peacock or two. 

Beautiful Peacock Roaming the Grounds

Mattie’s offers farmhouse values and vibes along with modern decor elements. From the mosaic tiling to the covered outdoor space, complete with string lights and a bar, Mattie’s is perfectly designed to fit your every need. 


We can't get enough of this patio!

The indoor reception area is flooded with natural light and has an open air feel. Gorgeous paneling and lighting surround the walls. Plus the ceiling has built-in speakers for all you party lovers! There is plenty of space to get down on the dance floor and host an elegant dinner. 

A Table for Two

Here’s what Alana had to say when we sat down to discuss hosting events at Mattie’s:

Can you talk about the history of event’s at Mattie’s?

A: Clients come to me and say “My grandparents got married here and my parents got married here and now I want to get married here.” I just love hearing those stories. We’re just getting really creative this year by being able to utilize more of our property in fun and exciting ways. I think outdoor weddings are going to become more and more popular just because of what’s happened this year

Outdoor Event Space (Clear top can change to covered top!)

What is your favorite dish here at Mattie’s?

A: I would say our fried chicken, since it’s our signature dish. It has been on our menu since we opened. It’s very southern, very flavorful, just juicy delicious fried chicken. We've actually incorporated it onto our banquet menu so you can have it on a buffet or as a plated entree at your event, which is really exciting.

Now in the midst of COVID, what is your advice to couples who are planning and trying to figure out catering for their event?

A: I absolutely think that the earlier, the better right now. Anyone that's planning a wedding knows that things have been filled with postponements because unfortunately so many couples and other events have had to push their dates out further because of COVID.

What are all of the options that you offer couples when it comes to dining?

A: We have three different food styles that we offer. You can have a formal plated meal, a buffet, or reception stations. But within that, if there’s something on our menu that you love or you have something else in mind, then we are always willing to work with you.

Unique Place Card Alert

We really appreciated getting the time to visit Mattie’s and speak with Alana about planning events. So much has changed after COVID, but we’re still out here doing events. The Austin Hospitality industry is resilient and we’re going to bounce back. Alana agreed and said, “Mattie’s will be hosting weddings for another 70 years!” That’s the spirit!

Mattie's offers rental items such as linens, tables, chairs, dining ware, tents, strand lights, space heaters, and an inviting atmosphere. Best yet, their kitchen is onsite meaning consistent, fresh, tasty food. Don't forget to order their famous biscuits, fried chicken, and milk punch. Recipes created by Mattie herself are still being served to this day. If you have any questions about Mattie’s Green Pastures, feel free to reach out to Alana. She would love to help you get started on planning your next affair. We hope you enjoyed our first #TopoChat! Make sure you watch the full interview on our Youtube channel and follow us on social so you don’t miss our next TopoChat Interview. We’ve got some great event advice coming your way that you don’t want to miss! 

(All photography provided by Wild Rose Photo Studio)

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