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YETI Pop Up Flower Bar

Our pop up European flower bar is the gift that keep giving and genuinely makes happiness bloom. One of our favorite clients, YETI hired us to surprise their employees with a quarterly appreciation gift and surprise...US! We transformed their office entrance into a European Flower market with an outdoor rugged YETI feel using all of the company's buckets and cooler to help with the preservation of the flowers and stay on brand. With the release of their new Yonder water bottles they gifted to all of their employees in one building, then when they came into their work building, they were surprised by our flower bar aromatics and greeted by our lovely "bud-tenders". they filled their new product with water er and then got to go shopping at the flower market to get loaded on flowers!! This is the only bar it is ok to get loaded at work:) Everyone was able to get creative with the flowers that were the company colors choose what they wanted and step up to the bar to have our budtenders create the most beautiful, customized arrangements for their employees! This truly is the gift of happiness that is able to bloom as everyone was so happy and grateful. Some were keeping for their home, some desk, and some had a partner and mom in mind to give it to. Such a fun Austin Corporate event and we had such an awesome time being able to provide the best for the best! Fresh flowers came right off the planes and delivered straight to YETI for their 450 employees. There is never a time where flowers do not bring beauty and natural aroma to any space, event, or occasion! Contact our team now to schedule your next holiday party and or gifts to clients and guests to make happiness bloom!




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