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Mak + Zach

Sexy, bold, romantic. Those are the words to sum up their Driskill wedding day. Mak and Zach met 6 years ago on 6th street. Zach spotted her from across the bar and was instantly mesmerized by her every move she made all evening, until he finally worked up the words and liquid courage to walk over and introduce himself to her. He knew from that moment he said that he just wanted to be around her forever. He was drawn to every word she spoke, and every gesture she made solidifying his passion for "this goddess". They left that night together for the first time for the rest of their lives together.

So, how do bring to life that sexy romantic story? Just. Like. This. Their wedding day at The Driskill was as fabulous as the couple! From their intimate railing moment to their behind the scenes rocker reception, their wedding day was the most elegant rocker live event ever! If you are going to want to stand out, then you better do it with the best, and that's exactly what we used. Premium phalenopsis orchid flowers which cascaded down the arrangements were an amazing 32" long, not to mention the hundreds of lush romantic roses. Their colors were black and natural whites, ivory and greenery. We used our rental vintage wicker flower stands for their balcony ceremony then brought a few of the arrangements inside for the couple's post wedding break/photo op. It was a great time for the couple to have a moment alone before they party the night away.

The reception was amazing!!! They had a live pianist play the black baby grand and had a rose and orchids floral installation growing down and around the piano with disco balls flowing with them. The live flower piano decor and flower was one of our favorite wedding day moments. When they requested to have the best Austin live wedding and event vendors they for sure got it!! The Driskill set our wedding day ambiance with their elaborate columns, stain glass, and marble floors. The food and service was superb! They completely lived up to their reputation as being Austin's finest venue. Mak and Zach's day was epic and with a style and color palette as classic, premium, and elegant as theirs it will forever be Austin's best wedding party of a lifetime!


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