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Allie & TJ

Allie and TJ had the most beautiful wine, burgundy, cranberry, and light blush with white accents for he color scheme. The flowers we used were lisianthus, ohara garden rose, scabiosa, quicksand rose, dahlia, peonies, and italian ruskus, mixed with dried albino italian ruskus. Allie and TJ’s classically romantic wedding at The Chandelier of Gruene was even more sentimental since a river trip to Gruene, Texas, was where they first met and kick-started their journey together! Jordan Flowers & Events creates dreamy romance with every single floral arrangement! We love the moody maroon blooms that are scattered throughout Allie’s bouquet and the plentiful greenery that accents both indoor and outdoor wedding scenes around The Chandelier at Gruene. In the pews of their ceremony, one missing face was there only in spirit, commemorated with a greenery-trimmed photo memory – Allie lost her mother to cancer about five years ago, shortly after meeting TJ. “My mom was my best friend and the person I looked up to the most, so I wanted to honor her and remember her in every way possible throughout our wedding day,” Allie said. “To do this, I made a few alterations. First, we took my mom’s wedding dress she wore, and had it custom made into the robe I wore on the wedding day while I was getting ready… (Also,) on the first pew of the chapel we had a picture of my mom wrapped in a greenery covered wreath hung in the seat my mom would have sat to ‘save’ her seat. I also got to wear the veil my mom wore on her wedding day as well.” Allie went on to say these meaningful moments helped her to feel at ease and surrounded by her mom’s presence on her wedding day rather than sad she wasn’t able to be physically present. We think she picked the most thoughtful ways to pay homage to her mom! The evening ended with dancing and cake-cutting – a delicious looking four-tiered creation from Sweet Treets Bakery is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and this classic white wedding cake sure does look good while doing it! Read on for the bride’s story about the significance of elephants to her late mom and other sweet details she incorporated in subtle ways throughout her romantic wedding attire. Cheers to Allie and TJ!

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