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'Tis The Damn Season

Jordan Flowers
September 1, 2022

“Tis the damn season”; Taylor said it best, as always. However, she forgot to mention that it’s specifically “flower season”. Seasonality must be accounted for when planning your event and thinking of the colors, themes, and decoration schema that will be available at the time of the event. For example, planning a Spring wedding with lots of fresh pampas is not advised because you will end up paying 3-4x markup for a lower quality product that is not in season. Some color themes are also harder to create in certain seasons and limit the variety of flowers in your arrangements. As I always tell my clients though, you do not have to be a flower expert to know what flowers you are getting and your options. It is my job to guide you through the planning and selection process for those details. I will serve as your personal flower tour guide, f you will.  We’ll explore your options based on your date /season, see what you like and dislike, then come up with a vision board to see the ingredients broken down with a proposal to accompany it. If you are a highly visual person, we can even create a mock setup to see the style of the bouquet and arrangements in person.

Let’s take a look at some of the considerations that you and I would discuss during our planning meeting.

In warm climates, Spring kicks off the beginning of the busy wedding season. Austin has a lot of flower options available to us, as we are fortunate to have an airport nearby to import most of the flower products in the United States. What we do not import we source from Austin area farms, like zinnia, ranunculus, mini-sunflowers, succulents (year round), thistle, larkspur, and the occasional bulb varieties like hyacinth tulips, lilies, and daffodils. Many varieties are imported from California as their flowers at this time are hardier than what Texas farms produce. I personally feel like our clients always look forward to having peonies present for their Spring wedding. Late spring is normally when the amazing, picture-perfect peonies the size of your fist start to pop up. It’s also nice that they aren’t $27 a stem at this time of the year as they are during off-seasons. Our most popular and favorite flower options for guest favors in the spring time is our flower bar. Whether it is a corporate gathering or wedding event your guests will be amazed with our pop up flower bar experience. It is customizable with sizes, themes, signs, ribbons and we offer an onsite florist who is able to offer their recommendations and expertise, then wrap for your guests and clients! It is a gift that keeps giving for sure and quite an event experience to immerse your guests in. 

Summer is a little bit of an off-season for school children and flowers alike. Sunflowers and roses are extremely popular at this time of year due to their high availability and ability to withstand the Texas heat. Eucalyptus varieties and dried foliage and flowers have also made a comeback at events in Texas for the same reason.  They are a great substitute as longer lasting flowers at your wedding or corporate event gala. 

Then comes Fall, which is my own personal favorite. I love the Fall because of the warm, moody tones, fragrant mum varieties, smilax quality for installations, and pampas grass. Fall is similar to springtime because you are able to find almost any of the more popular flowers you would like in season. Fall brings with it comfortable temperatures, so flowers and greenery are able to stay lively and fresh longer. It is popular at this time of year to have a harvest table dining setting with family style dining services by candlelight. We personally love to use our wreath arch decked out in flowers and greenery and our ultra-realistic LED taper candles and pillar candles for the warm glow (without the fire hazard) to create an ambiance your guests will never forget. There is nothing more romantic than great company and dining by candlelight partnered with immaculate floral, especially in Austin, Texas hill country.

Last but not least, Winter is still a very popular time to get married. Everyone is in the midst of holiday fun and cheers and there are beautiful flower and greenery options to choose from. The most popular flowers at this time are amaryllis, roses, holly, and winter greens. I always recommend our gold mercury tea lights partnered with our gold mercury pillar candle holder sets to accent the whites, reds, and greens that are in season. It creates a luminescent, glowing feeling at the table. Partnering it with a greenery runner and flowers makes for an elegant winter centerpiece. Winter is fun because you can do dark and moody tones or create white wonderland weddings and events with flowers and decor. Both options will make your entire venue breathtaking. 

It is never too early to start planning your next corporate event, fundraiser, gala, or wedding. Our company specialized in stress free beautiful and elegant event set ups and breakdowns. From our fabulous rentals to our fresh flowers, we make sure every detailed is covered. Once you have your date in mind and venue picked out, contact us to start your customized flower and event experience. We have your guest favors, table decor and centerpieces, ceremony, and reception. We want to hear about what your dream event or wedding is and how we can make it come to life. Whether it be through rental decor or a hands-on experience with flowers, we make your event a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Our goal is to create your event stress free, on time, on budget, and above all unlike any other event experience. We want you to know what you are getting on your event day, and when you arrive, to have it be better than "In Your Wildest Dreams"! To take the first steps in checking our availability for your date, please go to our Contact Us page to fill out an event questionnaire. Don't you just LOVE Taylor Swift? 

Cheers to the upcoming 2022 weddings & Events season… 


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