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Texas Meetings & Events

September 1, 2022

OUR EXPERT: Jordan Flowers (and yes, that's really her name), owner and designer of Jordan Flowers & Events

What's in and what's out:

“The classic fresh-cut-flower-vase-centerpiece arrangement is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. There is a growing trend of resourcefulness amongst my clients. They would prefer to buy simple, reusable and easy-to-care-for live plants or dish gardens as centerpieces and stage props. Most of the plants are created to reflect the style of the business or corporation: green, clean, natural, airy sustainable and modern. Even the pots and containers that are used are more natural and earth-toned.”

On what trend she wishes was past tense:

“While live plants are the newest natural ele- ment trending at events, somehow painting tropical leaves and flowers has managed to creep into becoming a new event trend, as well. It’s taking the natural beauty out of the picture to create neon or paint-splattered pops of color.”

On how not to save money:

“Costs can easily add up when throwing an event, but whatever you do, do not hire a friend or family member to save money or help quick-start their business. If you want your event to run smoothly, as a business should, I highly advise using a professional local planner or coordinator and prevent any future feuds.”

What every planner should keep in mind:

“As a planner it is important to know when the florist has access to the venue and its rules. In regard to floral décor, I wish/hope planners would donate the arrangements to nursing homes or give them to others who could reuse and enjoy them after events and help us make happiness bloom.”


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