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Go Big or Go Home

Jordan Flowers
September 1, 2022

Tired of the same old same old? You and me both... and apparently everyone else. After being deprived of social interaction for an entire year, events are back and more fabulous than ever before. Clients who have had to postpone their wedding or special event for 2-3 years deserve the event of a lifetime. We hear ya’. You don’t want basic; you want AMAZING! Go big or go home. And in Austin, Texas, we know how to throw an event to remember. We keep it real and weird at the same time, bringing our clients the most unique, over the top, fun, and memorable event experiences to last a lifetime.


Bold and bright color tones with over-the-top flowers and decorations are the 2021-2022 hot and trending wedding/event must-haves. Color palettes and flowers have flourished into vibrant, unique styles and designs. Fun floral art installations give your guests a moment of awe and intrigue their senses with a natural dopamine rush once they catch a whiff of your roses.


Floral installations are not new, but they have made quite the comeback with more of a futuristic artsy spin. They can be hanging like a chandelier, attached to a chandelier, hang from rafters and ceilings, grow up a wall, tree, railing, or can be completely stand alone. They are amazing because they can appear as though they are free standing. This creates an optical illusion all while bringing a natural outdoor element inside a venue space. Our most popular floral installs are designs that can be reused after the ceremony for the reception in ways such as: a backdrop, guest table decor, photo booth backdrop, cake table accents, or band stage displays. Austinites pride themselves on creativity, sustainability, and eco-friendliness, and what better way to achieve all of those things than by reusing fresh flower focal pieces? From corporate galas, balls, and fundraisers, to weddings and showers, flower art installations are perfect for any occasion.


One of our favorite installations is the side table floral on the end of rectangle tables. Normally this is done on the head table and, if your budget allows, on every guest table. There are a couple of ways to have your rectangle table flower installations installed. Some stand straight from the ground as if they had grown from the ground up and flow into the guest table centerpiece. Others have flowers going down the guest table centerpiece and flowing off the sides of the table, then draping off the ends, and tapering down to the brush ground. 


Sound like something you are interested in? Great! We would love to see what we can do for you. A few things to consider in advance when planning to have a floral installation at your next event are: what the venue allows, set up time (since they can take up to 4 hours), and the location(s) of your installation. Fill out an event questionnaire through our contact page we will be in touch to guide you through the whole process! Happy planning, floral friends!  

Credits: Simply Breezy Photography, The Mansion at Colovista, Dream Bakery, Wildrose Photography, Marvelous Tea Party , South Congress Hotel

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